Structural Engineering

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Structural Engineering:

Prism is specialised in offering Structural Engineering Services to Engineering Plants, Oil and Gas Sectors, Pharmaceutical Projects, Chemical Plants, Power Projects. Prism provides Structural Detailing services for reinforced, pre-stressed and pre cast concrete buildings, steel buildings, and steel structures including transmission and microwave towers. Prism has complete knowledge of US, British and Middle east codes and practices.
The principal objective is to evolve Innovative and Cost Effective Solutions to problems encountered in Design and Construction Engineering fields and offer the most appropriate solutions to meet the client's specification. The firm offers total Engineering Design, Design and Construction Project Management Services including Design Management, Review of Design including Value Engineering, Continuous Technical Supervision at site for Quality Assurance and Progress Control and Contract Administration at all stages of works.

what we do

Pre cast / Pre stressed Concrete Detailing

¢ Architectural Precast ¢ Hollow Core Slabs ¢ Wall Panels and Systems ¢ Retaining Walls ¢ Columns and beams ¢ Joints ¢ I beams and Girders ¢ Single and Double Tees

Steel Detailing

Anchor bolt plans Erection framing plans Shop drawings Stair cases and hand rails Bills of Material Reinforced Concrete Detailing

Reinforced Concrete Detailing

¢ Slabs ¢ Columns ¢ Beams ¢ Pile Caps ¢ Stair Case ¢ Foundation ¢ Shear Walls ¢ Bar Bending Schedules Deliverables ¢ Rebar drawings ¢ Fabrication drawings ¢ Erection drawings ¢ Approval drawings ¢ Construction drawings ¢ Bar bending schedules

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